Homer Sounds

Sounds on this site. (wave format)

Alright Brain (60 Kb) | Anykey.wav (38 Kb) | Aphox on them (53 Kb) | Beer kill (130 Kb)
Boring (17 Kb) | But I (177 Kb) | CanIgonow.wav (227 Kb) | D (4 Kb) | D (14 Kb)
Drool (16 Kb) | in this house we obey the laws of physics (32 Kb) | I am evil Homer (93 Kb)
It (77 Kb) | Look at that blubber fly (28 Kb) | Noooooo (116 Kb) | Ohh (34 Kb)
Outta here (8 Kb) | God bless those pagans (13 Kb) | Don (116 Kb) | screaming (29 Kb)
shut up brain (15 Kb) | Stupid bug (83 Kb) | Stupid TV be more funny (17 Kb)
Hello dean (73 Kb) | The mail is here (60 Kb) | You can (201 Kb) | Woohoo (6 Kb)
mmmm (55 Kb) | mmmm (38 Kb)

From this page:Woohoo! It's Homer!

Aaahh! Boogie men!(.wav 13k) | Aye-aye, captain.(.wav 18k) | Doh!(.wav 4k)
Donuts... is there anything...(.wav 37k) | Heh-heh (short laugh).(.wav 10k)
Help me!(.wav 9k) | I'm making people happy!(.wav 22k)
Kiss my hairy yellow butt.(.wav 17k) | Laugh.(.wav 32k)
Meow meow meow meow...(.wav 52k) | Mmm... forbidden donut.(.wav 36k)
My baloney has a first name...(.wav 68k) | Oh, my God!(.wav 14k)
My pudding's trapped forever!(.wav 42k) | That's it, I'm outa here!.(.wav 9k)
Yes!(.wav 25k) | You're dead, Burns!(.wav 21k)

From this page:The Simpsons....WOOHOO!!!

Hello, My name is Mr Burns (.au 86k) | d'oh!..I mean..Woo-hoo! (.au 37k)
Homer impersonating Mr. Burns' mother.(.au 180k) | The girls of the internet...(.au 67k)


Hey there Blimpy Boy (.wav 54k) | D'oh! (.wav 4k) | Mmmm... beer (.wav 26k)
Mmmm... donuts (.wav 30k) | Mr Plow, that name again is Mr Plow (.wav 60k)
Mmmm... something (.wav 27k) | Mmmm... spaghetti (.wav 15k) | Woohoo! (.wav 8k)
Mmmm, Forbiden Donut (.wav 58k) | You are a stupid head (.wav 73k)
Mmmm, Fuzzy (.wav 18k)

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