Homer Software


Program Requirements Download
Homer Win95 Theme new!
A Windows 95 theme for you desktop. (Home Page)
Win95 Plus! (zip 148k)
Homer Window Homer 2.1
An animated head of Homer to watch over your desktop. (Home Page)
Win3.1, NT 3.5, not Win95, NT 4.0. (zip 30k)


Program Requirements Download
Window Capture Homer 2.1
An animated head of Homer to watch over your desktop.
System 6.0.7 + (hqx 527k)
Info-mac, shareware.com.
MegaSimpsonHomer V1.2
MegaSimpsonHomer is a simple Dungen digging type game where you can see the whole screen at a time. You gen ten lives and points for each Nuclear Plant you kill and for each dounut you collect.
System 6 + (hqx 214k)
Info-mac, shareware.com.
Homers Cyber Rampage
Guide Homer about the screen to collect TV sets avoiding police, devils, Mr Burns etc.
System 6 + (hqx 287k)
Info-mac, shareware.com.


Program Requirements Download
Homer - Talking and Animated Pointer Eyes
Homer monitors the location of your mouse pointer. His eyes point towards the mouse pointer so you should be able to find your mouse pointer much easier. Also he has been known to say one or two phrases and on rare occasions may burp or say Doh! once or twice. (readme file)
OS V39+
(lha 15k Update v1.6)
Aminet, shareware.com.
(lha 965k v1.5)
Aminet, shareware.com.
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