Homer Movies


Homer training for Whacking Day, here or here. (mpeg 804k)
Homer's attempt at a seafood dinner, here. (mpeg 444k)
Temple of Doom -- Homer chasing Bart, here or here. (mpeg 2.77M)
Maggie & Homer ... psycho scene, here. (mpeg 860k)
${alt} Homer gets a hit from a defibrillator, here.
(mpeg 295k)
Homer at the toy store floor keyboard, here.
(mpeg 1486k)
${alt} 2001 a Fox Odyssey, here or here.
(mpeg 308k)
Homer is trapped by floor pie, here or here.
(mpeg 1073k)
${alt} The devil sends Homer down to hell, here or here.
(mpeg 1304k)
Homer gets on the scale, here.
(mpeg 653k)
${alt} Burns gives Homer a heart attack, here.
(mpeg 743k)


. Homer trying to purchase illegal fireworks, here. (mov 977k)
My baloney has a first name, it's H-O-M-E-R, here. (mov 741k)
"...if you get eaten it's your own fault...", here. (mov 1.3M)
Homer the Beer Baron, here. (mov 809k)
We don't need a babysitter, here. (mov 1M)
That kid's got titties!, here. (mov 633k)
Homer misplaced his pants, here. (mov 916k)
Homer in the land of chocolate, here. (mov 5191k)
SpineMelter 2000, here. (mov 4400k)
Homer getting ready for Whacking Day, here or here or here. (mov 2445k)
Homer and his vigalante group, here (1.3M) or here. (mov 2388k)
The floor pie trap, ooh... floorpie, here. (mov 1712k)
Homer Drives into slumberland, here. (mov 5064k)
Homer caught in a fountain, here. (mov )
Homer tricks the video camera (like in that movie .....), here. (mov )
"See you in hell, candy boys!", here. (mov 2.7M)
Homer in The dawn of man, here. (mov 4.4M)
3D Homer, here. (mov 3.1M)
Mr Plow, here. (mov 1.8MB)
Homer vs. Barney in Arena (NASA training :), here or here .(mov 1114k)
${alt} Homer Thompson, here or here.
(mov 1136k)
Treehouse of Horror I.(mov 1M)
Treehouse of Horror II.(mov 6M)
Treehouse of Horror II.(mov 1M)
King Homer resists capture.(mov 6100k)
King Homer in downtown Springfield.(mov 3700k)
Treehouse of Horror V.(mov 4M)
No T.V. and no beer makes Homer go ....(mov 6800k)
Treehouse of Horror VI.(mov 1M)
3D Homer.(mov 4200k)
3D Homer


Homer Flinstone, here. (avi 2400k)
Homer wakes to the house on fire, here. (avi 2562k)

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